27.07.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Katharina Radloff, Digital Communications Manager

Everything I do in life, I do with passion. That's just the way I am. I am a passionate person. This is also the case in my job at WEPA as a Digital Communications Manager. I am a storyteller within the company and conduct interviews with colleagues, take photos, prepare the content and use it to develop the social media channels and our corporate website. One of the ways I do this is through the "Behind the tissue" content format. With this format, we want to let the employees have their say and tell their stories. And today I would like to tell mine.

During my journalism studies, I discovered a second passion: Beauty Transformations. I thought it wouldn‘t be possible to combine this personal fascination with my professional life. In Germany there is a saying: "You can't dance at two weddings at the same time". But when you face a challenge as part of the WEPA team, you don't stand alone, you look for a solution together – and we found one. In the mornings I continue to work for WEPA and in the afternoons I fulfill my personal dream and work in my own cosmetic tattoo studio, which I opened this month. Thanks to the experience from my job, I was able to take all my marketing into my own hands, such as building my own brand and website and creating my beauty content every day.

My concerns that the two would be impossible to combine and become an unmanageable double task have not been fulfilled. The passion I bring to my self-employment shows in satisfaction, gratitude and even more creativity in my work at WEPA. And I am very happy and proud that our team and my colleagues fully support me. I don't have the feeling that I have to strictly separate the two to make it work, but that the two can be combined well. It works so well because there is honest cooperation and strong commitment from both sides.

In a way, WEPA as a company with its entrepreneurial mindset and the people here have even encouraged me to pursue my passion or, as you often hear at WEPA, my purpose. Even though I only work part-time now, I still feel one hundred percent part of the team, and in a good team you support each other. I would always step into the breach for WEPA, just as WEPA does for me. That's what family means to me, and that's what WEPA is to me.


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