25.06.2021 - Career

Behind the tissue: René Witte

Junior Project Engineer WEPA Professional


In our spare time, my family and I often go out into nature. We particularly enjoy cultivating fruit and vegetables in our allotment garden. Our crops are so great that we can even supply our neighbours as well. To us, this is a step in the right direction towards sustainable and healthy eating. My wife and I are a great team and motivate each other a lot in this regard. For example, we fly less frequently and take our caravan to go on holiday instead – this brings us directly into nature without excessive CO2 emissions. 

So it’s no wonder that I can identify very well with WEPA and its genuinely practised values, particularly when it comes to sustainability. And for over 20 years, at that. 

I started as a career changer in the Müschede production department in 2001. I was deployed and trained in paper production, right at a paper machine. After many different stations, I saw an invitation for a dual studies programme in paper technology on the WEPA intranet in 2017. I called HR at first to verify whether I was too old for it at 39 years of age. It turned out that was not at all the case. Actually, WEPA is keen to invest resources and time in further training its employees. This is how I was able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Last October, I successfully completed my studies and switched to the administration department. It is great fun to be a link between production and administration. What I want to say is – everyone at WEPA has the chance to receive further training if they want it.

Constant development is the great thing about WEPA: you are supported according to your strengths and can also be deployed to other stations. That's truly extraordinary!

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