13.12.2021 - Career

Behind the tissue: Sandrine Dufour, employee in Finance, WEPA Lille

In our lives we often need a trigger to make sure that our thoughts and actions come into sync. With me that's exactly what happened during the birth of my third child. The awareness that our carbon footprint would increase a great deal made me change something, so that I'm now more environmentally conscious in my everyday life.

So we moved to the countryside which means that, among other things, I'm closer to my place of work, I can go regularly by bike and do less trips with the car.

I've been working as an employee in the Finance Division at WEPA for 17 years, and in the meantime I've also been working as a sustainable development advisor in my town for one and a half years. That just happened, really – it was simply logical to continue being committed to environmental issues. As one of the first things I did I set up water dispensers and waste bins with a separation system in the town hall – just small gestures, but not to be underestimated in the wider aspect of things. Just recently, as part of the European Sustainability Week, we also visited a school with my colleagues to raise awareness among the children for the topic and to demonstrate the WEPA Group's level of commitment in this area.