03.11.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Stefanie Sommer, Assistent of the Management Board

Wherever I am: I am my home. Although I have to say that America always arouses a feeling of "coming home" in me. Perhaps that’s because my very first Barbie car was a pink Cadillac.

At the beginning of 2019 I not only travelled a large part of the world, taking in America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe for almost two years, but also completed studies in relaxation education.

This degree course enabled me to ideally combine my strengths of individual perception and bonding skills. I think it's incredibly important not to rush through my life in these stressful times, but to be relaxed when wading through the stress. This is exactly the feeling I want to pass on to other people to help and support them.

After finishing my training as an industrial clerk and before I started my two-year sabbatical, I worked mainly in Product Management at WEPA. Now, as Assistant to the Management Board, I've taken a different direction. That's another thing I learned during my travels: just to think outside the box more, approaching projects differently – thinking more globally and bigger.

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