17.05.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Véronique Nugues, Quality Technician, WEPA Troyes

The well-being of my loved ones is to the most important thing to me. This has even earned me the nickname Mother Theresa, as I often tend to put the happiness of others above my own. As a married mother of two, it is very important for me to find balance in my life. For this reason and besides my work I have several passions such as collecting Harry Potter legos, as I’m an absolute fan of the saga, and also baking, which I’ve been passionate about for the past six years.

This adventure started when I wanted to bake an Easter cake in the shape of a rabbit. Over time my friends and family got to know my creations and wanted one for themselves too. Now I can even customise my cakes to suit different diets, such as gluten-free and lactose-free. The opportunity to make a cake for the retirement of our former operations manager at WEPA has beena highlight of my baking journey so far.

At the moment, I only bake cakes for family and friends. Many of them suggest that I should open my own business to turn this into a profession. I am happy though to continue working at WEPA during the week and keep this passion as my weekend pastime.



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