10.08.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Celina Lehmann & Juliana Mersmann

“Being part of a family business means being exposed to family values, which can certainly be transferred to everyday life. Already in my first week, I was impressed by how close I got to work with such an entrepreneurial family at WEPA. When you are greeted with “Good Morning Celina”, even though we have 4,000 employees across the business, it makes you feel really valued. It gives you the feeling that you are appreciated and you are not just a number. ”

“On my first day, Celina was asked to be my mentor and was put at my side, acting as my “godparent”. For me this was invaluable as a new member of the team. I could ask questions and familiarise myself with the business and start to understand the culture. This closeness enabled me to ask more open questions throughout the day in general conversation, the kind of questions that you might not otherwise have asked in the early days of a new role. This has worked really well and opened the way for other trainees to follow in the same way. It is a great way to start at a business and it feels like you can ask questions and exchange ideas.“

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