25.05.2021 - Products & services

Cleanliness is a wonderful thing

It is the result of our fight against dirt

In times of the pandemic, hygiene has become a major issue – and will certainly remain one in the future. Hygiene paper plays an important role in this context. 

During a pandemic, however, cleanliness alone is not enough. Hygiene is the order of the day, and it stands for a greater goal – hygiene aims to contain or prevent disease. Hygiene paper contributes to this in a small but decisive way.

While thorough hand washing has become common practice, unfortunately not everyone knows that good hand hygiene also includes hand drying. Paper towels are the best choice here. On the one hand, they are extremely absorbent and take up nine times their own weight. On the other hand, they also remove any remaining germs from the hands – and are then disposed of. Paper tissues also make sneezing and coughing much more hygienic, as dirty tissues quickly go to the rubbish along with their germs. 

Surfaces can also be contaminated. We usually pay attention to this in the bathroom, but less so in the kitchen. Paper towels also help here. After all, handles, surfaces or kitchen utensils and other spots can be places where bacteria or viruses invisible to the eye accumulate.

There are many more examples: at the desk in the office, in the workshop, in children’s rooms. Paper makes our lives more hygienic and a little safer in many places and on many occasions. 

The European Tissue Symposium now also shows that paper is always a smart choice: the trade association, of which we are also a member, on its new website presents a wealth of exciting facts and videos as well as numerous materials on all aspects of hygiene paper to download. We promise: There is still much to discover!


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