21.03.2021 - Sustainability

Day of Forests


Much more than just trees: our forests

21 March is the official “Day of Forests”. At WEPA, we have every reason to appreciate them.

We owe a lot to our forests: Wood was and is one of the most important raw materials for paper production.

Forests have always meant wood to us humans. For thousands of years it was one of the most important sources of raw materials; houses and ships were built from it, it provided energy for metal production and heat for life.

Today, sustainable forestry ensures that this precious resource is preserved in the long term. We at WEPA also make our contribution to this: We source 100% of our “fresh” pulp from sustainable sources that are PEFC and FSC®-certified, and we rely very heavily on the secondary raw material of recovered paper, which protects the environment and forests.

All this is more important than ever, because climate change is the biggest enemy of forests today. Too many dry summers have caused lasting damage to forests and forest soils. As a result, pests such as the bark beetle have been running rampant.

The Day of Forests draws our attention to these threats, but above all it reminds us that forests are a piece of wonderful, living nature: a place of recreation for us humans, a habitat for animals and plants. Forests produce oxygen, they bind CO2 and they provide clean drinking water and a renewable raw material.

Forests are irreplaceable and there are many good reasons to treat them with respect. The “Day of Forests” points this out to us – and at WEPA we are actively involved in securing their future.

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