20.07.2020 - Products & services

It works out: You only need so much toilet paper!

Does your stock last and if so, how long?


With our toilet paper calculator the guessing is at an end. Sometimes it brings a crisis to show what is important to people: toilet paper is one of those necessary items. But with shoppers panic buying, we all suffered with shortages that added fuel to the crisis, hopefully this is now in the past. We must be smarter when it comes to shopping in the future. With the new WEPA toilet paper calculator, it will now be very easy to shop smart. You can find it here:

View toilet paper calculator


Even in the "new normal" of everyday life, it is worthwhile getting an idea of your own stock holding and be able to purchase with consideration – after all the environment and the people around you will thank you for such care. Incidentally, purely statistically, every German consumes about 15 kilos of toilet paper each year.


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