19.03.2021 - Products & services

The new mach m!t packaging – now even better for the environment


The “mach m!t” mission: Offering our customers the most eco-friendly solution possible in their everyday lives by implementing our innovations and ideas.

We are very happy to announce that our customers will soon find even more environmentally friendly “mach m!t” packaging on the shelves.
In keeping with the motto “Carrying responsibility without a handle”, we have removed the handle, among other things, which saves around 5 tonnes of plastic every year. This corresponds to an area of 22 football fields.

In addition, our toilet paper and kitchen paper packaging now contains 60% PCR (recycled plastic). In combination with the use of Granic (chalk) as a filler, up to 75% of fresh plastic can be saved!

In the course of these innovations, we have also revised the “mach m!t” homepage and clearly summarised all information for end consumers. Make sure to stop by!

Link to german homepage: www.wepa-mach-mit.de


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