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WEPA Stiftung supports school project in NRW

Learning mathematics in a practical way – and in the fresh air. That’s what the MathCityMap app makes possible. The WEPA Stiftung is supporting this project of the Gänsewinkel Comprehensive School in Schwerte (Germany) with 10,000 euros. With this contribution, modern iPads and accessories such as protective cases, tripods and Apple Pencils can now be purchased.

The reason why the Gänsewinkel Comprehensive School and the WEPA Stiftung are such a good match is also due to the subject areas they have in common: Sustainability and lifelong learning are among the foundation’s core concerns. As such, it is only logical that the WEPA Stiftung has opted for the Gänsewinkel Comprehensive School to support its first educational project.

Fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, the school prepares its students in this manner for lifelong learning and the challenges of the future. Thanks to its activities, the school has even been named a “School of the Future in NRW” and a “MINT-friendly school” (MINT = Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology).

What is the project about?

How do you design bicycle racks so that they can hold as many bicycles as possible? How big does the roundabout have to be in order for the bus to also be able to drive in it? The young people learn all this in teams on site. They identify everyday problems and transform them into tasks with their “MathCityMap” app; they then place these tasks on a digital map. Thus, an outdoor maths trail is gradually growing: It motivates other children (and adults) to go outside and apply mathematics practically in their environment. By now, such “MathTrails” can be found all over Europe.

Why does the WEPA Stiftung support this project?

Implementing the subject of mathematics creatively, integrating environmental topics, working out solutions to problems, developing social competencies and, on top of all that, the European concept – that is what convinced the WEPA Stiftung.

Because: Mathematics does not have to be all theoretical and lifelong learning does not mean that one has to learn mathematics formulas into one' s old age. Rather, this is about personal development and the promotion of creativity, so that the challenges of life can be successfully mastered, and changes can be approached in a relaxed manner. Education is our most important driving force and students are the innovators of the future. No wonder that Ingmar Lohmann, member of the board of the WEPA Stiftung, is convinced of the project: “I was immediately excited about the many aspects of the project that are a perfect fit for our subject areas. It promotes competencies on a multitude of levels that will be in demand in the professional world of the future.”

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