01.10.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Axel Cartheuser

Shipping Foreman


In the morning as I first set out for work I take the train and then complete the journey on my bicycle. During the train leg of my journey I like listening to audio books. It gives me the opportunity to switch off and relax, I am currently listening to "The Godfather". When I arrive at the station and get off the train, I continue the journey on my bike, the fresh air makes me feel really awake again. It means that I arrive at work in the right frame of mind, ready for the day ahead. The combination of train and bike means I don't get annoyed by constant traffic jams in the morning, it also means my way to work is much more environmentally friendly.

At the Mainz site, too, we are making a contribution to making everyday life more environmentally friendly. Many of our recycling products are manufactured here. I am proud to have worked at the site for almost 35 years. I started here as a forklift truck driver and I now work as a loading foreman. The collective atmosphere, or rather "the spirit" of the colleagues here is special. We have a very strong team spirit, of which we are particularly proud. Everyone here is going in the same direction, the colleagues, but also the company.



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