23.10.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Danny Forciniti

HR Systems & Processes Expert WEPA Group


I used to play football for a long time. I started as a goalie, continued as a defender, then as a midfielder and finally as a striker. These changes were made in part to put me where the team needed me the most at the time, but also for the opportunity to try out something different, something new. I can’t say exactly which position I enjoyed the most, but having a go at each one, familiarising myself with it, and finally proving myself in that new position appealed to me every single time.

Professionally, I’ve also had the opportunity to gain insight on various positions within the human resources department. Flexibility and change are therefore highly important to me. Still, I would describe myself as rather consistent and stable. I notice these traits in the fact that I’m a very family-oriented person. My family and my partner ground me and make me happy.

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