22.06.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Diana Drexler, Quality Key Contact

Communication is everything to me. I notice this especially when I'm on a cruise.

To maintain a certain degree of flexibility in spite of the planned route, I explore the destinations on my own. I almost missed the ship during a stop in Naples once.

Following the Italian way of life “la dolce vita”, we strolled through the picturesque alleys for hours and forgot about time. On the way back we lost our way due to the many small junctions. In order to still make it aboard in time, we knew that quick action was required. After walking for a bit initially, we approached people on the street who spontaneously took us along on their scooters. This unplanned adventure through the winding alleys of Naples I will certainly not forget.
In situations like that, I always try to keep a level head and look for a solution through open communication. Positive charisma helps with this. Simply because it is automatically transferred to others.

I also notice this in my interface function between plants, sales and customers. It entails a lot of communication with different people. This is exactly what makes it so appealing to me. And it is why I prefer to pick up the phone instead of writing. It usually helps me to get to any destination more quickly.

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