19.06.2020 - Career

Kimberly Stratmann: Junior HR Specialist Group Functions

I'm still quite new to WEPA and I do have to say: it's different.

That's my first impression. It relates to the way people treat each other, but also to the work. In both areas, “trust” is what I noticed most positively so far. I have felt openness from the collegial environment by being included in the ‘break clique’ from day one. I am often asked by colleagues what my first impression is like and I feel like this question is asked, among other reasons, because the impression of long-standing colleagues is so positive that they see my answer as confirmation. They just want to make sure I like it as much as they do.

In terms of the working atmosphere I also feel “trusted”. This automatically increases my motivation to live up to the trust placed in me. I feel like this place practises flat hierarchies, and colleagues from all departments say hello to me on my way to work. This makes me feel like part of the team already. You’ll probably only truly understand #WeareWEPA once you start working here.

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