22.06.2020 - Career Sustainability

Behind the tissue: Lindie Feuler, Brand Manager BlackSatino

My children call me “Mrs. Environment.” I take that as a compliment.

When we do crafts together, I tell them to think about the shape they are cutting out beforehand. This is not to limit their creativity, it simply is important to me that they develop a natural awareness and avoid being wasteful. They also see this in my behaviour. We started with small things, and at this point we even put solar panels on our roof and drive an electric car.

In fact, my job has contributed a lot to my personal attitude and views. I learned a lot about sustainability, circularity and our ecological footprint, and what it takes to be part of the change. When I look around the office, I see many colleagues with the same passion and drive. This is not only motivating, but also connects us to each other. We believe in our own message and brand, which also makes it inspiring to pass the message on to others. So when my children call me Mrs. Environment, I'm proud!

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