22.06.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Rob Stevens, Head of Marketing, WEPA Professional

Last summer we bought an old house. When we bought it, there were two of us.

Half a year later we had twins and there were four of us. The house was built in 1906 and had to be restored completely. As a result of my work, I had the idea of not only modernising the house, but also of carrying out a sustainable structural renovation.

The “house” project turned out to be a community project. You wouldn't believe what you can do by yourself and with the help of family and friends. Even without detailed prior knowledge. I wouldn't call myself a skilled craftsman, but after a year and a half, you have taught yourself a thing or two and you become more courageous. This is how I spend my weekends these days. You can say that it takes a lot of energy, but it also gives back a lot of energy. The motivation to renovate the house for my own family has been huge.

What I learned in the “house” project can be transferred 1:1 to my profession. I’m talking about respecting old values and being open to combine them with new technologies. This is how great projects are created.


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