22.06.2020 - Career

Behind the tissue: Thierry Grandperrin, Head of Supply Chain and Market development, WEPA France

The development of the team is even more important to me than personal development. Alone we move faster, but together we go further.

It is people who form the team and people who form the company. That's why I like this series of interviews. When you introduce people who make up a company, you automatically show a part of the history and development of the company.

For me, the structure within a team is comparable to the structure within a family. You want everyone to be happy. I find that sometimes even the messages are similar. For me it is important to achieve certain goals, but it is even more important for me to achieve the goals as a team. It's the same with my daughters. I want them to improve their skills and abilities.

As I am still quite new to the company, the team has had to get used to each other. It is important to me that my team tries new things and leaves the comfort zone every now and then. I think this is the only way to grow professionally, and also as a person...

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