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WEPA for the World

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive internal environmental management systems that we have implemented in our Bridgend factory.

This means our paper manufacturing process ensures that we leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Not only do we produce a number of 100% recycled products but the water in the creation of all our products produced at Bridgend goes through a closed loop recycling process from the local river.

Recycled paper
The WEPA Group strives to produce recycled paper products of the highest quality standard that our customers expect from us. This standard level also meets the demand for a product that is environmentally friendly.

  • We select only the highest quality recycled paper to use for our products. This paper is then collected, sorted and delivered to our mills.
  • The recycled paper goes through a thorough cleaning process during which any plastic or metals that may have been left behind are removed.
  • Any excess water from the cleaning process is drained from the recycled paper.
  • The recycled paper is then dried and wound to make a paper roll over 11 feet long.
  • We then cut the roll to size, creating soft and strong individual rolls, ready to be packaged and sold to our retail customers.

Recycled water at the Bridgend mill
We spoke to Richard, our technologist, about how we recycle the river water used in our manufacturing processes.

  • After the water has cleaned our products and been drained it has any suspended solids leftover from the mill removed from it.
  • The water then goes into an oxidation dish where it meets microbes called biomass, together with oxygen it spends about 25 hours being consumed by the bacteria.
  • Once the water has been separated from the biomass, it is so clean that half of it is recycled back to the mill, in place of river water.
  • 330,000 gallons (1500 m³) of clean water are returned to the river each day.

To find out more about our corporate responsibility initiatives or contact us at infonoSpam@wepa.conoSpam.uk

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