10.10.2020 - Sustainability

World Mental Health Day

Can a question make you happy?


How are you doing? This question, which is asked so often, is either meant politely or seriously. But few people can or want to give spontaneous information about their inner life. Even the shortest conversation can have a positive effect on the soul and well-being. Especially in times of Corona, when we lack the closeness to other people.

On the World Day for Mental Health (which takes place every year on 10 October), we present ten completely different questions: Ideas for getting into conversation with each other, for staying in touch - and for making everyone a little happier. 


- "I had to think of you." Involve your counterpart in your life

- Ask if you can help with something

- Mark your counterpart in social media

- Share a common memory

- Ask if your counterpart would like a coffee

- Talk to your counterpart about a contribution in the social media

- Share good news with your counterpart

- "I'm glad you're here." Express your gratitude

- Wish your counterpart a nice day

- Dignify something that your counterpart has done



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