26.05.2023 - Career

Behind the scenes at WEPA

Have you ever wondered where the hygiene paper you use every day comes from?

My name is Moritz and I honestly haven't. That's why I was all the more fascinated to find out what all goes into it! At WEPA, I had the chance to go through several stations during an internship and to be inspired by the impressive processes and people behind them!

In Müschede, I was able to experience the steps of production from stock preparation to paper production to processing and shipping at first hand! The dimensions literally overwhelmed me: One paper machine alone produces a paper length of 1,950 kilometres every day - the equivalent of the distance from Munich to Athens! But it's not just about impressive technology, but also about the cooperation of the employees. With the family atmosphere, even in the short time I was there, I immediately had the feeling of being part of the whole.

But that wasn't all: besides gaining experience in human resources, as well as in purchasing, I was also able to gain exciting insights in marketing. I learned that there are a lot of considerations and analyses behind every product. Which target group buys which products and why? There is so much more to marketing than many (and before that, me too) suspect!

My experiences have shown me that the paper industry is an exciting and diverse field. From purchasing to production to marketing - there is something for everyone to discover here! The aspect of sustainability also plays a major role here. Innovations are worked on every day to consistently advance the sustainability goals. No wonder that sustainability is one of the three corporate values that I was able to experience during my time at WEPA - I will take some of that with me. I also learned that toilet paper and kitchen rolls are much more interesting than you first think.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who welcomed me so warmly and actively involved me. 

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