24.10.2023 - Career

Behind the tissue: Angelica Marchesini, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

I was born in Montecarlo, a charming medieval village in the province of Lucca, famous for its excellent wine. My roots and the simple pleasures of life mean a lot to me. So I also call myself lucky, because I have a loving and slightly crazy family with that I can share all the ups and downs of life.

My parents' teachings are deeply ingrained in me: always believe in yourself, do the best you can and don't let yourself get discouraged. The point is not to be the first to arrive at the destination, but to not give up along the way.

Since 2009 I am with WEPA, where I am also part of a kind-hearted family that believes in my abilities and encourages me to grow even further. The job became particularly exciting for me through the health promotion project at the Lucca site. The challenges associated with this still excite me today and, among other things, we were able to achieve the "Work and Family Audit" certification for the Italian plants.

Since May 2023, I have been part of the "People & Culture" team and will finish my Master's degree in corporate welfare management at the beginning of 2024. With this step, I continue my journey, because "If you only do what can you do, you’ll never be more than what you are".

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