28.03.2024 - Career

Behind the Tissue: Annika Jung, Junior System Integration Developer (IT Expert Applications)

Just a few years ago, I was sceptical when it came to change and I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take. But today I look back on a satisfying journey that has helped me to grow in both professional and human terms.

A six-month adventure in Australia cured me of my uncertainty back then. It showed me that I could handle challenges on my own and that it was fun to try out new things. Yet it wasn’t just my new-found courage, but also my partner that motivated me to leave Munich, even though I never thought I would. So in 2021, I moved to the Sauerland region together with my partner – who is now part of WEPA’s research and development team.

We both went to work for WEPA, where I quickly became immersed in the world of applications and interfaces. Living close to the company allowed an intensive exchange with colleagues, and my versatility helped me to juggle the wide variety of projects in my daily work. Perfection wasn’t decisive here, but rather understanding processes, multitasking and clear documentation.

Communication ultimately became the essence of my work, because it was indispensable for finding efficient solutions. So, working at WEPA has been a great step forward for me, personally as well as professionally! My original reserve has given way to self-confident communication and exchange with others, and in the midst of all these developments, I found my place as an IT all-rounder at WEPA

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