05.09.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Camille Duval, Deputy HR Manager

Even when I was young, people were very important to me: that's why back then I did my BAFA (a supervisor's licence for holiday camps) and then taught the supervised young people how to write cover letters and CVs. So when I think back on that, I can say that I found my way by working in human resources.

In terms of attitude and habits, one of my passions has completely changed my life - and that is running. The first point of contact I had was when my brother decided to run a marathon. His commitment inspired me, so I wanted to start too.

First I started with 15 minutes of walking. Then I gradually built in longer and longer running sequences. My first goal was a 10-km run and I achieved that. Then in March 2020, I signed up for a half marathon. Unfortunately, the run didn't take place because of Corona, which was a real setback for my motivation at first. But I didn't let it drag me down and resumed my training. The goal was to run and, above all, finish the half marathon in Paris in 2022. That involved some sacrifices to be ready for the big day. But in the end, I did it! It was very emotional for me to cross the finish line. I have changed after this event: I feel stronger and ready to take on life's challenges.

At WEPA, I can go running for an hour with my colleagues during the lunch break. This not only contributes to our well-being, but also welds us together even more as a team.



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