02.06.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Carl-Luis Rieger, Management of WEPA Ventures

As a child I was only allowed to watch television once a week at 7.30 pm. There was a research programme and two topics really fascinated me: the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Samurai. During my university time my early childhood fascination with the Far East drew me to China, South Korea and India. A fun fact about my experiences abroad: I love Asian food. Which in turn led to me to putting on 10 kilos in weight in China and being called the 'little spring roll'. But it also led to my love of cooking, which is actually also a great plus for friends and acquaintances.

I like talking to people, I like registering their impulses and shaping my everyday work according to that. The family atmosphere at WEPA was also an attractive point for me. What makes working at WEPA Ventures so special? The complexity and speed of the market on the one hand, which, on the other, we confront with an orientation to solutions and a high level of clarity. We correlate our challenges with those of start-ups, get impulses from outside and so we generate added value, within the company as well. And during all of this we never forget that we also started out as a small enterprise.



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