15.11.2023 - Career

Behind the Tissue: Carmen Krüger, Officer Master Data

It started in 2008, when a friend and I simply wanted to improve our skills in touch typing. But we soon became members of a club, where we took a deep dive into the world of MS Office applications and text correction.

In just a few years, my journey led from the district championships to the German championships and finally, in 2013, to the world championships. These are held every two years and have taken me to Ghent, Budapest, Berlin, Cagliari and Maastricht. By again placing among the top 20 worldwide in the category of text correction, I’ve now qualified for the upcoming world championships in Katowice.

These competitions are about the joy of learning and sharing. I’ve found a large family here who share my passion. As you would expect, my hobby has strengthened my professional skills – but it has promoted my personal development as well. Through it, I discovered that my passion doesn’t lie in school work in the classic sense, or even in sales. Instead, what I really love is my professional work with data and the individually based education of children, teenagers and adults.

Today, in my free time, I serve on the club’s board of directors and organise youth trips and continuing training. In addition, I introduce young people to Word, Excel and touch typing through playful approaches. I can likewise apply the full range of my knowledge and interests in my work at WEPA. In this way, as the youngest member of the Master Data department, I can make a small contribution to our progress every day.

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