10.08.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Ian Orders, Team Leader Paper Converting, and his son Samuel Orders, Electrical Technician

I am very proud to call Samuel my son. He never lets me down and I am proud of his achievements in and out of work. He was bullied in primary school, but a friend introduced him to karate and that helped him a lot. Now he not only has a black belt, but also is already on his way to the second dan. He also plays the guitar. Even if we do not agree on some music, I like to sit with him and listen. He has also tried to teach me how to play the guitar before, but I could practise it all my life and I would never play as well as he does. He just learned it in a few months and to be honest I am a bit envious.

I have worked as a team leader for 13 years and I am also the safety representative and fire marshal for my shift – so, it is always a busy day. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my team: They are great colleagues who, make me look good as a team leader through their excellent work. We very rarely have problems and when we do encounter difficulties, we solve them as a team. My son Samuel has also been working at WEPA as an electrical apprentice for 10 months now. However, this was not due to my fatherly advice, but rather his realisation that we at WEPA have a long-term perspective due to the current investments in Bridgend.

In the past, I was passionate about rebuilding classic cars. Then the children came along, and I spent all my time with them. Nevertheless, the last two years were probably the best of my life, because my son and my daughter have gone through such an immense development. They have already come so far and that makes me proud. In the future, I want to realise a personal dream: Watching a Formula 1 race in Barcelona. That would also be possible here in England, but it rains here 9 out of 10 days.


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