18.06.2021 - Career

Behind the tissue: Julia Luig



I have been with the company for 26 years now and like to think back to the beginning. 26 years ago, I had my interview for a dual study programme with Mr Krengel, who was still working in HR at the time. He directed the conversation to sports during our interview, for which I was very grateful. I have been passionate about handball ever since I can remember, and Mr Krengel, as a former football player, is also an enthusiastic sportsman. When you are understood and even respected at a young age for the things you care about, you feel comfortable and supported right away. That’s why I’ll always remember our first conversation particularly fondly.

In team sports, the thing is: You don’t win by yourself, but you don’t lose by yourself either. I have always liked the fact that victories and defeats are yielded by the team. It’s the same in my job. For me, our team goes beyond sales and includes the customer in addition to various departments in the company. That is also the difference compared to handball. While we try to beat the opponent at the sport, our strategy at WEPA is to play on the same team with the customer. Winning together and inspiring them. If we manage to share our knowledge of sustainability as well as the understanding of our products, everyone will leave the field as a winner in the end.

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