15.04.2024 - Career

Behind the Tissue: Rainer Gründel, assistant in Warehouse Management

I’m 75 years old and work for the start-up SNYCE – which probably makes me the oldest WEPA employee in the Group’s youngest business area. But I tend to march to my own tune in other ways, too. So my life has been full of unexpected turns and a wide variety of hobbies.

In March 2024 I celebrated my big Sauerland anniversary – I’ve lived here for 50 years now. Here in Neheim, the lamp-industry town, I’ve always worked creatively, and this is where I found my new home. My philosophy is still: develop, design, optimise. Alongside work, I’ve tried out a number of hobbies, like cycling, dancing, horse riding, windsurfing and even skydiving. In addition to all that, I’m also a cofounder of a design network, I’ve been an extra in films, I played a role in getting the discotheque scene started in Arnsberg and I once worked for a funeral home.

Even at my age, I keep on trying to discover new hobbies and activities. Since May 2022, I’ve been at SNYCE, where I can still put my creative philosophy to work and at the same time support something that I really believe in. And there’s another benefit to it: it keeps me active! But I stay active in my private life, too, of course. I want to try out paragliding while I can still run fast enough.

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