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Energy efficiency: Renovit and WEPA implement Smart Community with the University of Cassino

Smart Community of the WEPA tissue paper mill in Cassino and the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio inaugurated.

The new cogeneration plant installed by Renovit at the WEPA site also supplies the university's heating and cooling systems.

In Cassino in the Italian province of Frosinone, the inauguration of the Smart Community with the WEPA Group, one of the leading manufacturers of tissue papers in Europe, and the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio took place. The Italian energy efficiency platform Renovit is responsible for the design, construction and financing of the project. The centrepiece of the project is a highly efficient cogeneration plant in combination with a district heating network that will in future supply not only the paper mill itself but also users outside the factory premises.

"At WEPA, we are strongly committed to an efficient and sustainable energy supply for our plants and are pleased that this project will benefit everyone involved. This is a fine example of how cooperation between the public and private sectors can succeed," said Bernhard Gross, Director Operational Excellence at the WEPA Group.

The cogeneration plant, with an installed capacity of 6.7 MWe, generates around 50 GWh of electricity per year and can also provide steam and hot water. The paper mill's steam and electricity needs are thereby completely covered, and it is now practically no longer necessary to withdraw power from the grid.

The campus and university facilities can be supplied with hot water for heating and cooling via the 1.7 km long district heating network that connects the WEPA plant with the University of Cassino. This saves around 250 toe (tonnes of oil equivalent) of energy per year and significantly reduces the CO2 emissions.

The significant decrease in energy consumption and environmental impact of the Smart Community in Cassino will benefit the surrounding communities. It will also be the subject of a joint educational workshop with the university on the topics of energy efficiency and the energy transition.

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