19.02.2021 - Products & services

Paper with heart and soul


Everything has a story – that’s the title of our new video about recycling. It is a love letter to paper. And who could put it better than us, who handle it daily?

Paper brings us joy, makes us dream and has even brought kingdoms to their knees. Our new, emotional video shows how it sees people through many moments of their lives and moves us.

It shows us the many small and large stories that only paper can tell: newspaper articles that change the course of the world or maps that guide us out into the world. Love letters that move us to tears, cheat slips for school tests, beautifully wrapped gifts, instruction manuals or books – and all the feelings that arise from them, inseparably bound by paper.

Paper enriches our lives and also has a life, or several lives, of its own. This is the message of the video: It gives paper its own story, in which WEPA takes the lead. After all, paper is our lifeline – and in turn, we as recycling experts give new life to paper with our sustainable products.


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