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WEPA Foundation: Sauerland Swimrun

More and more pests are nesting in the dreamy greenery while the trees themselves fall victim to a growing season that starts early. Climate change is leaving unmistakable traces in the Arnsberger Wald forest area – and there are two people who are no longer prepared to accept that: Dr. Claus and Wibke Unkel. The two extreme athletes from Arnsberg have come up with something very special, not only to draw attention to climate change in the forests but also to collect donations for reforestation: the Sauerland Swimrum.

A project with extreme proportions

From 30 to 31 July, the couple is facing a sporting challenge of unimaginable proportions. The plan: to run from one lake, Hennesee, to another, Möhnesee, and on to Sorpesee as a third – and to cross each lake swimming. That makes for an impressive 80 km of running and 25 km in the water with over 2,000 metres of elevation gain – indeed, the Sauerland Swimrum puts even some more recognisable extreme events to shame. To make the sporting challenge even clearer: the swimming distance in a triathlon is 3.8 km – the Unkel couple is aiming for more than six times that distance! The WEPA foundation is keen to support this enthusiasm for nature. For each kilometre completed by the Unkel couple, the WEPA foundation is donating € 100 for the reforestation of the Arnsberger Wald area. In this way, approx. 21,000 was collected with which about 4,200 trees will now be planted. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

Together for a sustainability future

100 other club athletes from the region were called upon to prove themselves on sections of the route and to raise funds for the Arnsberger Wald with sponsors they have obtained themselves.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the Unkel couple and all participants and are proud to support this selfless project. After all, the issue of sustainability has always been very close to our hearts at WEPA and forms an integral part of our corporate culture.

Find further information about the Sauerland Swimrum and the participation here:

-              https://www.hochsauerlandsport.de/veranstaltungen/tag-der-begegnung

-              https://www.sauerland-seen.de/de/Events/Events-am-Hennesee


Read more about the situation in the Arnsberger Wald area here:








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