20.04.2021 - Sustainability

Together for the environment: WEPA and WWF Germany


We have been working successfully with the environmental organisation WWF Germany for several years. Now we have extended the partnership – and are dedicating ourselves to another conservation project to preserve biodiversity.

On the Mulde, a tributary of the Elbe, we have successfully worked to preserve the valuable wild river landscape. Now we turn our attention to the floodplain landscape on the Middle Elbe with its forests, meadows and floodplain waters. Nature is coming back to life in the Elbe lowlands west of Dessau – thanks to WWF Germany and WEPA. 

By reforesting with one of the most endangered forest types in Europe, the softwood floodplain forests, we want to contribute to the preservation of one of the last near-natural floodplain landscapes in Central Europe. This is intended to ensure the diversity of species and habitats and, at the same time, support a resource-conserving use of the landscape.

However, WEPA and WWF Germany have even more in common than this nature conservation project. WWF Germany, just like us, believes that recycled fibre is the most sensible raw material – especially for hygiene paper. As a partner for the protection of forests and resources, we therefore jointly promote the use of recycled fibre in hygiene paper, e.g. in private labels and the WEPA brand “mach m!t”.

In the long term, protecting forests and resources includes a completely “deforestation-free” supply chain for us. After all, there is hardly any way to protect nature and the environment more effectively than this.


© Ralph Frank
© Ralph Frank
© Ralph Frank
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