30.09.2022 - WEPA Ventures

WEPA Ventures backs circular biomaterials startup one • five

The much needed transition from single use packaging to cleaner and circular solutions is an important part of creating a more sustainable economy. That said, to succeed, many use cases within this $1 trillion market require new, innovative approaches and materials. Technology can play an important role in the discovery and development process and accelerate the transition.

That’s why WEPA Ventures invested in one • five. Together with other best-in-class investors like Planet A Ventures, Speedinvest, Green Generation Fund, Climentum Capital and Revent, we join the Hamburg-based startup on its journey to transform today’s packaging products. The team provides customised, cleaner, and circular packaging solutions in record time; designed to drop into existing consumer packaging value chains to create a measurable, positive impact on the environment. The discovery of these solutions is driven by a machine learning platform that facilitates the search for and assessment of biomaterial innovations. A major value proposition for brands and manufacturers is the transformation of these innovations to market-ready products as this shortens development times and allows for an implementation with less friction. This is made possible by combining technology and excellent processes, a team of material experts and a growing network of distributed scale-up partners.

“one • five and their approach are a perfect match to our vision for software-enabled material science. We’re happy to partner with Martin, Claire and the team as well as this group of inspiring investors and to support them on their journey,” says Carl-Luis Rieger, Managing Director at WEPA Ventures. Next to our investment, one • five and the packaging experts at WEPA Group are currently exploring potential joint initiatives.

To learn more about one • five and the investment round feel free to visit their website. Are you also developing a software-focused solution that transforms the materials we use? Or did you found a start-up that will create a GreenTech software solution? Then we would be glad to learn more about you and your vision. Please message the WEPA Ventures team (venturesnoSpam@wepanoSpam.eu or LinkedIn).

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