05.06.2021 - Sustainability

World Environment Day

The international commemoration day reminds us that every day should be a day for the environment

Today is “World Environment Day”. We also celebrate it at WEPA – after all, we focus on the environment every day.

5 June 1972 is a memorable date: back then, the “United Nations Conference on the Human Environment” began in Stockholm. Until 16 June, more than 1,000 representatives from more than 100 countries met and put the issue of the environment on the global agenda for the first time. This conference set environmental policy in motion worldwide, and so 5 June became the official day of commemoration – four years later it also arrived in Germany.

Today, 150 countries are showing how important the environment is to them through actions on 5 June, raising awareness of this issue among people. Ultimately, we ourselves bear the responsibility for handling nature and its raw materials. The choice of means of transport, waste avoidance and recycling, regional shopping, green energy – each and every one of us ultimately holds the key to protecting and preserving the environment.

Global warming and climate change, things that we now worry about every day, were already in the spotlight in the early 1990s. This time span shows how long-term thinking is required in terms of sustainability – and that more needs to be done today than ever before.

Educating, informing and consistently acting sustainably has never been more important. At WEPA, we make our contribution to a more sustainable future every day – and we do so with great commitment and out of deepest conviction.


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