In the market for over 25 years. Active globally.
For 25 years, the WEPA Category Solutions (previously VICTORGROUP) has been a skillful partner in the area of film and packaging, table decoration, absorbent cloths, as well as toilet tissue. Since the founding of the firm in 1992, we have seen continuous growth and produce and sell today more than 1,200 items worldwide.

Our emphasis: your own brand.

Our emphasis: your own brand.

A particular focus of our activities lies in the production of customers’ own brands. Key term - “Private Label”. This segment accounts for around 80% of our production. With sound advice and personal service, we offer precisely the service, that fulfills the high demands of our customers. In combination with competitive prices with high product quality, this produces a sound offering, of which we are proud.

Best organic quality. Good for our environment.

In everything that we do, we always give thought to the sustainability of our environment and succeeding generations, which we demonstrate with our certified production of compostable organic films, which are becoming ever more a trend amongst our customers. In the development of these films, we place at the forefront the preservation of natural resources, CO2 reduction, high product quality, as well as refuse avoidance from industrial degradation processes. Thereby we reinforce our future-oriented commitment, which we shall keep in focus for the future as a priority.

Best organic quality. Good for our environment.

Our history: what happened previously.

Founded by Mrs. Meck and Doctor Güthoff in Kerpen, Germany Development of our product range and our production facilities.

Creation of strategic partnerships with paper and absorbent tissue producers.

Foundation of Ruppiner Papier- und Folienwerke GmbH, production of napkins and carrier bags.

Start of the joint venture for garbage bags and waste bags.

Capacity extension of production of napkins and introduction of the Airlaid offer.

Build-up of additional aluminum production lines.

Creation and introduction of VICTOR Home brand for the US market.

IFS certification for aluminum production.

Acquisition of another shareholder for the assurance and development of our future growth, as well as the opening-up of new product areas.

Merger of Ruppiner Papier- and Folienwerke GmbH with VICTOR Güthoff & Partner GmbH.

Under the new name WEPA Category Solutions, we will continue to offer a qualified selection of products in the areas of hygiene wipes and sustainable packaging. In addition, in close cooperation with the WEPA Group, the entire value chain is continuously analyzed and optimization options are developed. We look forward to continuing our constructive and open cooperation with our business partners.

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