Expertise in organic films

The future in the area of films and packaging lies in products that are increasingly produced using sustainable, raw materials.

That is why we have been focusing on biodegradable and compostable film products for a long time - and as a result of this expertise we are setting trends.

Our customers are also increasingly opting for our bioplastics pouches and bags, following the market and consumer trend towards a "green" lifestyle. Today we offer a completely organic range of products for consumers.

Environmental protection
Resource conservation
Degradation processes

All of the benefits at a glance

Environmental protection

Because our products are completely biodegradable and compostable, this means significantly fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere during production.

Resource conservation

More than a 30% decrease in the use of fossil fuels.

Degradation processes

In the context of industrial composting, our biofilm products, certified as per DIN standard EN 13432, are already 90% decomposed into the smallest parts (2 x 2mm) after 6 - 12 weeks and are entirely decomposed in the continuing composting process. The end result is just water, CO₂ and biomass.

From raw material to decomposition –
The green light for our environment.

The raw materials used for biofilm production are of the highest standards: All raw materials are globally certified and internationally internationally. Both the optimized organic raw material mix in production and the completely organic decomposition of the products ensure maximum environmental sustainability. Due to our dedication to the preservation of the environment, we are a long-standing founding member of the

Association of Compostable Products e.V. (Berlin) for the sustainable advancement of organic waste collection in Germany. We therefore make efforts in seeing that more organic materials are collected and submitted to industrial composting through the simple and hygienic use of collection containers (e.g. organic waste bags).


INFORMATIONSPAPIER - Fakten zu kompostierbaren Bioabfallbeuteln
Infoflyer composting (DE)
DIN CERTCO Zertifikat Bio-Abfallbeutel
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