Biodegradable trash bags

Effective trash separation only makes sense if the trash bags are also biodegradable for collecting organic waste in the household. Trash separation is much more straightforward with our biodegradable trash bags. The bags are manufactured using high-quality, biodegradable films (per Din Certco DIN EN 13432) and consist of renewable raw materials.

The quality of the biodegradable trash bags is recognized and internationally certified. Compared to manufacturing PE-plastics, significantly fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere and they are thus an alternative that safeguards the environment when disposal takes place through industrial composting. The corresponding logos on all of our biodegradable bags are a worldwide symbol of quality.

Biodegradable trash bags with and without drawstrings:

  • Bioplastics, thickness: 18 - 25 my
  • 15 - 20 units on a roll with tear perforation

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