An impressive variety of colors. Elaborate print samples. and attractive motifs. All of this provides you with our comprehensive range of napkins, which will also impress your customers. Thanks to the most modern printing technology, we will gladly implement your individual motifs. Even simpler: Optionally select from our prefabricated spectrum of napkin designs, which promise all sorts of exciting possibilities.

Our napkins come in various sizes and materials. Among others, for example, made of tissue or fabric-like, elegant airlaid material. Have a quick look now!

Airlaid napkins, plain or printed:

  • Format: e.g. 40 × 40 cm, 1/4 fold or 1/8 fold (Bistro)
  • Quality: high value airlaid 47 – 70 g; plain or printed
  • Packaging: e.g. 12 units

Tissue napkins, plain or printed:

  • Format: e.g. 25 x 25 cm, 33 × 33 cm and 40 × 40 cm, 1/4 fold or 1/8 fold (Bistro)
  • Quality: Tissue 100% bleached, chlorine-free, 3-layer, with soft edge lettering
  • Packaging: e.g. 20 units, 30 units, 40 units, 50 units or 100 units
Quality that leaves no wish unfulfilled

Quality that leaves no wish unfulfilled

We think it is important that our customers have their needs fulfilled. And delivered in a quality that is persuasive. We therefore produce not only to the highest standards, but we also offer different finishing technologies. For example, airlaid napkins can be finished with high value PE-coating.

The printing inks used by us in foils and tissue printing are exclusively water-based. Additionally, our PEFC (PEFC/04-32-0775) and FSC® (FSC-C016151) certificates show that our products adhere to all international requirements and regulations. For us, there’s simply no other way.

FSC® – is behind it all.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) was founded in 1993 as an international non-profit organisation based in Bonn with national working groups in 43 countries. It is supported by environmental organizations (WWF, Greenpeace, NABU, Robin Wood, among others), social organizations (IG BAU, IG Metall, among others) and numerous companies.

WEPA works with products that are manufactured using FSC® certified wood, wood from controlled sources, or recycling material. Wood from illegal sources, overexploitation or from non-verified sources is hereby ruled out.

We can offer you the following FSC®-certified products: Napkins, cutlery bags, tablecloths, table sets, table runners, handkerchiefs, napkins, spectacle cleaning cloths, outer packaging e.g. around aluminium foil household rolls (packaging and wrappings of paper).

FSC® – is behind it all.

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