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We offer you a wide assortment of wet wipes for a wide variety of uses. Discover all WEPA Category Solutions solutions here.

LCD/TFT cleaning wipes

Our LCD/TFT cleaning wipes have been specially developed for sensitive surfaces on LCD- and TFT monitors. This means that they can be used anywhere that common household cleaning wipes are unsuitable or that could even damage the sensitive surfaces of LCD/TFT screens. They can be used for TVs, monitors, digital cameras and mobile phones.

Its non-abrasive cleansing lotion removes dust, dirt and finger prints. It maintains the surface at the same time. The application of a protective film prevents static electricity.

Packaged in the reusable flow pack, they are practical for on-the-go and are also suitable as a convenient accessory for the office or the household drawer.

Our LCD/TFT cleaning wipes are special cleaning wipes without alcohol or formaldehyde. The wipes are environmentally friendly as they are safe for the O-Zone and are biodegradable.

  • 15 × 21 cm
  • neutrally-scented lotion, alcohol-free
  • Wet-wipe without formaldehyde

Spot-removal wipes

Our spot removal-wipes are made from high-quality Dupont Sontara fleece. They are therefore completely lint-free, extremely soft, and leave no colored residue. They are suitable for all textiles that are washable or dry cleaned and are primarily intended for fresh food stains. The fabric and color compatibility has been positively tested on both natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • 7 x 14  cm
  • Neutrally-scented lotion
  • Sontara fleece
  • Gentle on materials
  • First aid for on-the-go
  • Individually packaged in a pouch, practical for on-the-go
  • Collapsible box with up to 15 pouches

Eyeglasses wipes

Our eyeglasses wipes with active degreaser clean without streaking, are lint free, and prevent eyeglasses from fogging up. For streak-free vision. The soft, moist wipe tissue ensures basic, protective cleaning.

  • wet wipe with or without alcohol
  • 140 x 140 mm
  • Gentle cleansing, free of streaks and lint
  • Moist tissues with or without citrus scent
  • Individually packaged in a dual pouch
  • Folding box with up to 27 double sachets
  • Anti-static, grease dissolving, and streak-free
  • Suitable for glass and plastic eyeglasses

Our entire wet wipes assortment

  • LCD / TFT cleaning wipes
  • Eyeglass cleaning wipes (moist or microfiber)
  • Spot remover wipes
  • tick- and mosquito repellent tissues
  • refreshing tissues
  • screen cleaning tissues
  • deodorizing tissues
  • tissues for colds
  • nail polish remover tissues
  • Cleansing tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Hair dye removal cloths
  • Shoeshine cloths
  • disinfectant tissues
  • Anti-fogging tissues
  • Gentle cloths for gold and silver
  • moist towelettes
  • and much more...

Our wet wipes can be delivered in various package types.

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