16.11.2022 - Career

Behind the tissue: Etienne Depinois, Controller

In my private life I value family very much. The relationship to my grandparents is particularly special because my parents, who had to work, always brought me to them when I was young. In fact they were the ones who signed me up for my first football club. Along with my cousins we’re quite numerous, and we often organise events like family dinners and holidays together to keep those connections alive.

This meant that I was happy to see that there’s also a family atmosphere at WEPA: I spent the last year of my Master's degree there working as a student trainee at the WEPA site in Lille and it turned out to be a good decision, because I was immediately given the opportunity to work independently.

After the takeover of the site in Château-Thierry, WEPA offered me the opportunity to join the team there permanently after completing my studies. This allowed me to play an active role in setting up a new WEPA site, and the knowledge I’d acquired in class and during my work-study programme helped me to successfully master this task by transferring the processes from the Lille site to the Château-Thierry site. I learned a lot in the process and have now returned to the Lille site after three years.

Looking back, I can say that at WEPA it makes no difference whether you’re a trainee or a permanent employee – the family atmosphere allows everyone to integrate very well into the entire company right from the start. This atmosphere is kept up, among other things, through outings that we organise among colleagues. This can be anything from a football match and health week activities to visits to the public swimming pool in the lunch break.



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