30.09.2022 - Press Sustainability

Second clean-up campaign at WEPA

WEPA employees are committed to the issue of sustainability

Around 200 WEPA employees took part in a cross-location clean-up campaign over the past few days – a joint initiative of WEPA Group and WEPA foundation. At a total of 14 European WEPA Group sites, employees came together and contributed to more nature conservation by clearing the river banks in the vicinity of the WEPA plants from litter and rubbish for example. Locations involved were the German sites in Düsseldorf, Giershagen, Kriebstein, Leuna, Mainz and Müschede, the Polish site in Piechowice, the French sites in Château-Thierry and Lille, the UK sites in Bolton and Bridgend, the Italian sites in Cassino and Lucca and the Dutch site in Swalmen.

Employees each received a tree seedling from the WEPA Foundation as a thankyou gesture for participating in the clean-up campaign. Each location also received an amount per participant to be invested in local reforestation projects. The clean-up campaign was part of the so-called "European sustainable development week", which also consisted of other sustainable projects. Many employees for example left their cars behind and cycled to work, built nesting boxes, cooked vegan meals together and organised a re-use market.

"Sustainability plays a major role for us as a future-oriented company, and also for our employees. We're thrilled by the commitment of the many colleagues across Europe and we're pleased to have provided a backdrop for this commitment for a second time," explains Sarah Dohmen, Sustainability Manager at WEPA. "With our European sustainable development week activities we want to raise awareness about how important it is to think about sustainability in our everyday lives, and how people can already make a big contribution through small actions." The WEPA Group pursues a clear sustainability strategy and publishes an annual sustainability report.

Find the recently published report here: WEPA Sustainability Report 2021