01.04.2021 - Sustainability

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

What does this actually mean for WEPA?



At WEPA, we implement all possible steps regarding energy efficiency projects. This includes, for example, reducing energy consumption per toilet paper roll through modern and well-maintained paper machines. 
Our water consumption is also reduced in the long term by means of a water cycle. Where possible, we reduce our packaging to a minimum. 
Also, our employees saving energy in the workplace is another important factor.



Especially in the field of paper production, measures for heat recovery are highly effective. When drying the paper sheets, for example, the residual heat is extracted so that no heat is lost. It is then fed back into the process. We also use it in our heating and hot water network.

This way, many tons of natural energy sources such as natural gas or crude oil can be saved, resulting in significant CO2 savings in an energy-intensive industry such as the paper industry. 

Furthermore, at WEPA, methane gas is not released into the environment, but is extracted in the treatment plant and converted to steam and heat in our power plant.



Our fibre, which we need for our products, is made up of approx. 40% recovered paper. The rest stems from responsible sources. 

WEPA also collects used paper towels, for example, in order to produce new towel paper in compliance with all hygienic requirements. This is how we close material cycles and form a circular economy.


P.S.: There is also a lot to report in the area of packaging. From savings to material usage. More on this soon!


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