Sustainable hygiene papers from WEPA

Discover our new sustainable raw material innovations.


Sustainable hygiene papers made from recycled cardboard

As one of the first manufacturers, WEPA is now using recycled cardboard as a new raw material innovation.

mach m!t PURE

„Some things you have to feel to believe.“

With mach m!t PURE, we have created a premium hygiene paper that is softer and more environmentally friendly than ever before! With our new product made from 100% recycled cardboard, we are consistently thinking circular economy further. Thanks to the new innovative production process without bleaching, we not only conserve valuable resources but also save water and energy in the production process. This makes mach m!t even better for the environment - and even better for you. For the love of nature.

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Satino PureSoft

The hygiene paper of the future

Beige is the new green! With Satino PureSoft, Satino by WEPA presents a raw material sensation: the first recycled hygiene papers in premium quality made from packaging cardboard. The unbleached Satino PureSoft is luxuriously soft, particularly absorbent and hygienically safe in all areas of application from towel and toilet paper to kitchen rolls.

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Sustainable hygiene papers from Miscanthus

Miscanthus, one of the most sustainable fresh fibres in the world, serves as a supplement to wood-based fresh fibres.


BlackSatino GreenGrow

The raw materials revolution for more sustainability

BlackSatino GreenGrow is the innovative, sustainable premium product line for hygiene paper. It uses alternative raw materials from waste paper and Miscanthus, one of the most sustainable fresh fibres in the world.

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