21.04.2021 - Sustainability

Earth Day - A special occasion for our planet

The Earth is our living space – yet, do we value it accordingly? 22 April would be a good occasion for a tribute: this date marks the official “Earth Day”.

For many it is a day like any other. For all those who (like us) care about the future of our planet, 22 April is a most remarkable date in the calendar: it is Earth Day, the day of the Earth. 

This day of remembrance has existed since 1970 and has long since become a day with symbolic power. Many environmental actions take place and have taken place deliberately on 22 April – right up to important political decisions: The UN’s Paris Agreement on the environment was signed on 22 April 2016, and President Biden invited the world’s leaders to a global climate summit on 22 April 2021.

Every year, Earth Day has a different motto: “Restore our Earth” is the international slogan. In Germany, the focus has been on sustainable nutrition. “Every bite counts – protect what you eat” is the motto that appeals to us as consumers, but also to agriculture, fisheries, food production and the food trade: everyone consuming, producing or selling food should be aware that the Earth’s resources should not be exploited. 

Living and doing business consciously and sustainably so that our earth and the climate can recover is the primary goal for us as a recycling specialist.