Portfolio extension through innovation
WEPA Sustainability Report 2020 ↓

Portfolio extension through innovation

We are expanding our existing product portfolio to be the leader in sustainable hygiene solutions in Europe.

To extend our portfolio, we invest in in-house innovation, start-ups and partnerships. This is how we develop our existing product portfolio to include sustainable hygiene solutions. Sustainability criteria are naturally included in the evaluation of any potential portfolio extension.

Our targets and ambitions

- Diversifying our portfolio with sustainable hygiene solutions: investing in innovation, partnerships and start-ups

- Sustainability criteria are included in any portfolio extension assessment.

- A quantifiable target is in development.



We want to position our company successfully for the future. Through our corporate venturing arm WEPA Ventures, we therefore invest in start-ups and founders who gear their business model towards sustainable hygiene solutions or offer products in the areas of alternative “raw materials” and “sustainable packaging”.

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Guiding principle for the future of WEPA: sustainability through innovation

For us, further developing our portfolio is a strategy pillar on the way to sustainability leadership in the hygiene industry. As a family business, we stand for responsibility and future orientation in this regard. Differentiation and further development through sustainable innovation are established components of our orientation.

Andreas Krengel is also committed to this effort. As Chief Strategy Officer, his responsibilities on the WEPA Management Board include the strategy and transformation process of the WEPA Group and the “New Business Areas” business unit. In the following interview, he explaines what sustainability means to WEPA and to him personally, as well as the contribution of innovation and WEPA start-up activities in terms of the Sustainability Strategy.

Guiding principle for the future of WEPA: sustainability through innovation

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