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An absorbing invention

Whereas toilet rolls are normally confined to the bathroom, kitchen towels venture far and wide across the house and beyond!  Never content with simply mopping up spills and cleaning counter-tops, they also appear in the garage, the shed, the car…  One wonders why they’re named kitchen towels in the first place!

Obviously the one place you should never put your kitchen towel is down the loo.  Kitchen paper is cleverly designed to be strong when wet – not a property that works well with drains!  Always stick to loo roll when flushing.
However, for all other challenges a simple roll of kitchen towel can be the household hero!  Yet we don’t often think about how essential it is until we run out.

It is surprising to think that there was a time when cloths and tea towels were all that you required.  But where on earth did this amazing invention come from?

We’ve searched the internet on your behalf to try to find some answers.  It seems that the true story may have been lost in the mists of time, but consensus points to Philadelphia in the early 1900s.

During a cold epidemic a teacher blamed the spread of sickness afflicting her class on the fact that they were using the same cloth towel.  Cutting heavy copy paper into squares was the crafty solution.  This great idea was then picked up and industrialised by Edwin and Clarence Scott, after forming the Scott Paper Company, and the kitchen towel was born.
Fast forward to today, and we’re busy making absorbent kitchen towels with glorious patterns ready to leap into action whenever and wherever they’re required.

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