Welcome to WEPA

The WEPA Group is a future-oriented family business operating throughout Europe, offering sustainable and innovative hygiene solutions. We provide trustworthy hygiene solutions and a sense of safety, contributing to the well-being of millions of people each day. We are one of the three largest European hygiene paper manufacturers and lead the market in the production of hygiene paper from recycled fibres.


Over € 1.6 billion
Over 4,000 employees


5 WEPA locations in Germany
2 WEPA locations in Italy
3 WEPA locations in France
1 WEPA location in Poland
1 WEPA location in the Netherlands
2 WEPA locations in Great Britain

Technical equipment

22 paper machines
Around 80 automatic processing machines for rolled and folded tissue paper

Market shares

25% in Germany
approx. 8% in Europe


Toilet paper, kitchen rolls, tissues, paper towels, napkins, centrefeed rolls, de-inked pulp, cleaning rolls, medical rolls, dispenser solutions

Ownership structure

100% family business

Managing Board

Martin Krengel (CEO)
Harm Bergmann-Kramer
Ralph Dihlmann
Andreas Krengel
Menno Oosterhoff

Supervisory Board

Dr. Hans-Joachim Körber (Chairman)
Thomas Ingelfinger
Dominik von Au

Did you know?

60 m

A paper machine is about as long as 2.5 tennis courts, i.e. about 60 metres.

2,3 t

A parent roll weighs on average 2.3 tons and winds roughly 50 km of paper.

1,2 sek.

To roll up a kitchen roll, our machine needs 1.2 seconds. That is also the amount of time for which the average user looks at a Facebook post.

4.478 m

If we were to stack all the packets of tissues produced per hour by our 5 processing lines in Kriebstein, the stack would be higher than the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is 4,478 meters high.

1.950 km

A paper machine produces about 1,950 km of paper per day. This corresponds roughly to the distance from Munich to Athens.

850,000 t

With 22 paper machines we produce around 850,000 tons of hygiene paper every year. This equals about 77 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

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