The future is built upon the past

As a family business operating throughout Europe, the WEPA Group looks back on a successful history spanning more than 70 years. In all our business decisions, sustainable development and our continued existence as a multi-generational family business have been and continue to be a priority.

Vision & mission

What drives us is our entrepreneurial spirit alongside our vision to be the most sustainable, agile and first-class partner for personal and professional hygiene solutions. To achieve this goal, we develop sustainable products and concepts that provide a feeling of trust and confidence in hygiene, contributing to the well-being of millions of consumers throughout Europe every day and everywhere.

Our values of respect, commitment and sustainability contribute to our long-term economic success and are closely intertwined with business at WEPA.

The platform for our success is built on consistent product innovations, our ability to keep abreast of trends and our recognition of customer needs. We take pride in creating solid partnerships with long-standing customers and suppliers that are based on trust. To ensure this continues throughout the business, we have around 3,800 employees safeguarding this strong foundation.

Vision & mission

Together for a better life

Our purpose expresses in a short, concise way what the WEPA Group stands for and how we behave at all times.

Our claim


The promise that we will work together across all areas of our business operations, with our consumers, customers, suppliers and employees.

Better Life

Better Life promises the unconditional alignment of all activities to the aspect of sustainability. Through our hygiene solutions, we convey a sense of well-being.

Better Life

As a multi-generational family business, we focus on the long-term. Our determination to promote well-being through hygiene, while forging a sustainable future for present and future generations, is what motivates us towards a better life.

Our claim is expressed in numerous ways as we strive for a healthier environment and the conservation and reuse of resources. Humanity is always at the centre of our socially and environmentally compatible business activities.
Better life is also a product promise. Our products, delivery and service to our partners will always meet hygiene needs, whilst improving well-being, health and satisfaction for everyone. We actively aim to develop products with passion, whilst demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.

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