Portfolio extension through innovation
WEPA Sustainability Report 2021 ↓

Portfolio extension through innovation

We are expanding our existing product portfolio to be the leader in sustainable hygiene solutions in Europe.

Long-term profitability through sustainability. Only ecologically and socially sustainable innovations and business models allow for robust economic profitability in the long term. That is what we are convinced of. Therefore, WEPA is fully committed to sustainability in the expansion of its portfolio and in the area of research and development.

New Business Areas: Sustainability comes first

Clear sustainability criteria as well as customer- and consumer-centric thinking are central to all portfolio expansions and innovation activities of the WEPA Group and are contributing towards positioning WEPA as a leader for sustainable hygiene solutions. Innovations contribute significantly to WEPA’s ability to hold its own in a dynamic market environment. After all, innovations and sustainability are geared towards finding answers to the pressing challenges that society and the environment are facing. Among others, the “New Business Areas” business unit is responsible for the expansion of WEPA’s product and service portfolio. Areas set up in a targeted manner, such as WEPA Ventures, the FutureLab innovation platform, as well as cooperations and sustainable investment activities, create the prerequisites for an innovative and sustainability-oriented expansion of our portfolio.

Long-term success through consistent focus on sustainability

In 2022, WEPA will introduce a mandatory sustainability assessment for all investments. Said assessment takes into account the environmental and social added value for society and for the company, and includes an analysis of potential ESG risks. The sustainability assessment is firmly integrated into the processes of the various business units: Prior to any investment decision, the sustainability assessment is carried out. The result of the assessment constitutes a decision-making basis for our investments. Our target for portfolio expansion is also tied to this sustainability assessment. The approach is a clear commitment to our conviction that long-term business success and a robust business model are only possible with sustainable solutions.

Our targets and ambitions

With our portfolio expansion, we are committed to creating added value for society.

  • 100% of the investment decisions are evaluated through a binding sustainability assessment.
  • 100% of the investments* create positive value for society and have either no significant or exclusively managed ESG risks.

*: For M&A, joint ventures and venture activities, the capital invested for target achievement is being reviewed. In the case of in-house developments for portfolio extension, the development budgets for target achievement are being assessed.



Start-up investments support the sustainable transformation process

We want to position ourselves successfully for the future. That is why, through our family-owned venture capital arm WEPA Ventures, we invest in start-ups and founders that base their business model on investments and technologies that enable circular economy processes and innovative business ideas along the value chain, especially in the areas of renewable energy and water. In addition, alternative packaging solutions as well as sustainable fibres are relevant for WEPA Ventures.

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